Why Idio

Why Idio?

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Differentiated Approach: No Rules, No Hassle

Most marketing automation and customer experience require you to set up business rules that define who is in a segment, and then what content or offer they receive. That’s a simple way of doing things – if your customers are easily bucketed into groups, and follow consistent, linear paths towards purchase. 

That is simple, but it’s the wrong kind of simple.

Especially in an enterprise B2B or finance environment, no one has customers that like to be stereotyped.

And if you want to personalize a long journey through lots of content with several potential endpoints, suddenly a few simple rules for a few segments becomes an overwhelming set of rules for an increasingly obsolete way of viewing customers.

So Idio is built to work without rules. It learns the interests of your customers, and reports detailed intelligence and executes 1-to-1 personalization – without manual effort.

For more information, read this white paper or watch this webinar by esteemed marketing-tech analyst, David Raab.


Your new & predictive dataset

When other vendors talk about predictive marketing, they mean that they apply predictive techniques to your existing data, or to data they have assembled on your behalf (but which is available to anyone who wants to collect it).

Idio creates an entirely new dataset for you, interest and intent data for every known and unknown individual in your marketing ecosystem – which is inferred from their behaviours.

You can view this data, edit it, segment based on it, and export it for any purposes you wish. No black box system – just human-understandable datasets that predict the intent of your customers.

Differentiated technology



Idio builds predictive interest profiles at an individual level. No segments, no extrapolation. Pure 1-2-1 communication.



Idio analyses & understands content forms (24m topics in ontology), and executes personalised comms automatically. No rules to setup. No prof services.



Idio comes pre-integrated into your tech stack. No rip-and replace. Just predictive intelligence that improves your Marketing Automation & CRM, instantly.

Value in weeks, not years

Idio has been built from the ground up to integrate seamlessly into your existing marketing and sales technology stack. In addition, Idio’s ‘No Rules’ approach means there is no lengthly configuration before you start seeing value. Our platform does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Superb Customer Success

We are regularly told that our technology is why customers start using Idio and our people is why they stay. From implementation, to on-boarding, to training, the entire process is guided by the experts within our Customer Success group. We ensure you see value from our technology as quickly as possible.

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