Artificial Intelligence
for Customer Experience

Drive efficiency and effectiveness with machine learning technology


You Are What You Read

Your content choices are highly indicative of your interests, and highly predictive of your purchase intent

Our technology, differentiation and customer results are built on that thesis. In a messy and busy marketplace, it’s why we’re genuinely different and measurably better.

Content Intelligence

Idio’s platform is a powerful new way to understand and influence the customer journey, and automate the delivery of smarter, more relevant and more profitable engagements across every channel.

It can be deployed as a data-only solution, or in conjunction with Analytics, Digital Experience, and Sales Enablement tools.

The Interest Profile

Fundamentally, Idio delivers a new and valuable dataset: your customer’s interests and intent. We create an interest profile for each of your millions of customers, and keep it up to date every second/minute/day.

Each interest profile contains millions of predictive datapoints, yet can be visualised as a simple topic cloud.


Robust & Scalable

  • Self-learning Natural Language Processing platform
  • Pre-trained with a 24m topic taxonomy that operates in 5 languages
  • High-scale, real-time analytics platform
  • Cross-channel identity & data management engine
  • Flexible recommendation & predictive analytics platform with adaptive modeling
  • Auto-scaling, multi-tenant architecture, based in the cloud
  • Pre-integrated across major sales & marketing suites
  • Penetration tested annually, & security-cleared at major FinServ institutions

Idio integrates with:

interest profiles
known topics
understood automatically

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