Mobile Personalization

Mobile Personalization

Automated content personalization

Solution overview: Mobile Personalization

The most expensive commercial real estate in the world is the smartphone home screen. If you want to cut through the huge volume of apps and notifications, you need to exceed customer’s expectations with relevant and useful updates. Every new piece of content must be personalized, or you risk experiencing ‘interest abandonment’, where hard won customers disappear in days or weeks.

Your customers have been trained by Facebook, Flipboard and Google to expect the best. So let’s live up to those expectations.


Increase Engagement

Delight your visitors with tailored content recommendations to drive engagement KPIs and increase content utilization.


Cross-channel Experience

Maintain a single customer view across channels, using the same dataset to drive a seamless experience across web, email, call-center, and mobile.


Robust API

Get access to a robust API, exposing predictive interest profiles and content recommendations. Your mobile app is limited only to your imagination!

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