Digital Experience

Digital Experience

Personalize 1-to-1 customer journeys, automatically & across channels


Solution overview: Digital Experience

Personalization, without manual effort

In today’s ever-increasing digital environment, research and buying behavior has drastically changed. Delivering a relevant and cohesive digital experience has become fundamental to your business’s success. However, existing web and marketing automation platforms are simply not designed for today’s self-direct buyer – they assume linear paths to purchase, take 6 to 12 months to setup, and require you to maintain endless business rules to stereotype and group your customers. This simply doesn’t work.

Each prospect and customer follows their own path to reach a purchase decision. Idio identifies each unique individual’s intent and need in real-time and automatically matches content no matter where they are in their journey.



Idio’s personalization technology works in both known and anonymous environments. The recommendations go beyond traditional segments to decide the best content for each individual. Stop stereotyping your prospects and customers by placing them into stagnant segments and treat them as individuals with unique needs and interests.



Idio utilizes sophisticated user profiling to understand the behavior and context of each person’s interactions, both now and in the future. This adaptive view of each individual allows us to always choose the best piece of content for each person without requiring you to build endless “if else” rules that are not scalable in today’s complex environment.



Idio integrates seamlessly with your web environment, marketing automation, CRM, and other digital channels without needing you to rip and replace your existing technology stack. Our pre-built integrations and flexible API delivers unprecedented speed to value so you can see results in weeks, not months or years.




Time to deploy


Increased engagement

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