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Analytics have become a part of every marketer’s toolkit to understand how prospects and customers are interacting with you and how well you’re performing as a business. However, too much time and overhead is required to setup, manage, and analyze data that ends up being difficult to action. We are all too familiar with data overload and the decision paralysis that follows.

Idio’s suite of analytics solutions are prescriptive: the guidance provided is immediately actionable by business end users and automated to help you improve efficiency. It is also flexible enough for you to understand exactly what content is working against all the different dimensions you care about for your business.

Let us help you prove the ROI of your content so you can drive your business forward.



Rather than just overloading you with data points, Idio’s content analytics are designed to be prescriptive so you know exactly what action to take next. You can clearly understand what topics and themes will engage your audience before you make the investment in production and publication.



Idio’s content analytics goes beyond vanity metrics such as a page views to uncover the underlying themes and topics that truly drive engagement. With our dashboard, you can analyze exactly what works and doesn’t by persona, segments, sales stages, conversion points, etc.



Idio analyzes every web page, PDF, and email so you can have a comprehensive and granular view of your content universe. In addition, we can also monitor your competitors and the trade press so you can clearly understand gaps and key points of differentiation against the market at large.




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