Solutions overview

Solution overview

Content Intelligence Platform


Cross-channel Personalization

Each customer follows their own path to reach a purchase decision. Idio identifies each unique individual’s interests and intent in real-time, and automatically matches content no matter where they are in their journey. You get improved conversion, and they get a better experience. It’s fully automated with machine learning – no business rules to write.

Personalize 1-to-1 customer journeys, automatically & across channels. 


Predictive Insight

Existing analytics solutions take too long to setup, manage and analyze reports – and then only look at aggregate data in retrospect. Idio’s suite of analytics solutions are prescriptive: the guidance provided is immediately actionable by business end users and automated to help you improve efficiency. What’s more, it’s reported at the individual customer level.

Let us give you a detailed and holistic view of your content – and what to do next.


Conversation Intelligence

As your customers increasingly research and buy online, your client advisors miss a huge opportunity to understand their unique journey. Can you imagine if your team went into every meeting, onto every call, armed with the foreknowledge of that customer’s context – their intent, and the suggested next step to resolve their issue or present a sales proposition?

That’s Idio. It’s your sales team’s secret weapon.

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