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Website Personalization made Simple

Powering accurate 1:1 personalization without marketing automation rules

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Presentations by:

Alex Richter

Alex Richter
Solutions Director, Idio

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose
Head of Content, Idio

In 35 minutes you will learn:



Why marketing automation rules and segmentation is failing your customers


How to personalize your site for anonymous AND identifiable visitors visitors


The ROI you can expect from using Idio to power your website personalization

In a world of declining attention spans and competing digital propositions, you only have a few seconds to deliver value when someone lands on your website. Your customers expect a seamless and personalized experience. This presents a challenge: the more personalized your website experience, the more complex the automation rules required to setup and track them – until now.

Marketers need to move away from crude, static data and move towards behavior and intent-based attributes that update dynamically. Moving to an automated, behavior-driven approach will save time, help you uncover new prospects within your database, and keep your current customers engaged.

If you want a personalized and measurable website experience, register now to view the product in action, see the ease of deployment, and ask questions about how it would work in your environment.

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