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Unknown to Known Conversion

How to convert your anonymous web traffic to engaged prospects

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Presentations by:

Kevin Li

Kevin Li
SVP, Product & Customer Success @ Idio

Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies
CMO & Co-founder @ Idio

In 45 minutes you will learn:



Why you can’t solve this problem with your current stack


What an algorithmic approach is, and why it is necessary


How market leaders are achieving success

Whether through content downloads, demos, and competitions, most modern marketers try and turn anonymous web visitors into prospects who have handed over permission to receive more information. It’s easy to focus budget and attention on this small percentage of addressable customers – but often they represent only 5% of your web traffic.

To really drive results you must convert more of those anonymous visitors into known and engaged prospects. You do this by providing real value – relevant and timely solutions and information.

In this webinar Kevin, our Product & Customer Success expert and Andrew, our CMO, will look at several case studies of how Idio’s clients have achieved this, by personalizing content for unknown visitors and using predictive data to guide content strategy.

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