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From Start to Funded – Optimizing the Online Customer Experience

Discover the customer experience strategies of the top 25 UK Investment Managers

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Presentations by:

Ian Hitt

Ian Hitt
Chief Commercial Officer, Ninety CIC

John Aubusson

John Aubusson
Consultant, Ninety CIC

In 45 minutes you will learn:



What good and poor online customer experience looks like within Investment Management


What Idio and Ninety have learnt about creating superior online customer experiences across multiple sectors


Practical recommendations to help your digital & business transformation in 2017

The financial services industry is being assailed from all sides by a new generation of digital startups and service providers – all of whom are promising retail investors better service, lower fees and less friction.

Your existing customers and prospective investors expect the brands they invest with to deliver a simple, joined-up online customer experience at all times. To meet this expectation, your digital presence needs to feel modern and responsive, have content that’s relevant and personalised, and make the transaction process straightforward and reassuring.

Idio and Ninety have recently conducted a research project assessing the retail investor websites of the top 25 UK Investment Managers by retail funds under management, evaluating both the overall customer & user experience, and the ease in which the visitor can actually transact.

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