Moments Matter | Kyle Lacy webinar

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Moments Matter

Understanding the trends changing content and what you must do to survive

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Presentations by:

Kyle Lacy

Kyle Lacy
VP Marketing, OpenView Venture Partners

Munya Hoto

Munya Hoto
SVP Marketing, Idio

In 45 minutes you will learn:



How your marketing must change to match the buyer journey


Practical tips for building a results-driven content function


How to equip yourself for the future of marketing

Trends like artificial intelligence, mobility and scalability are changing the way we buy, sell and communicate. The only problem? Marketing (especially content marketing) is not evolving fast enough to take advantage of these changes. In order to survive, we must be better able to handle a constantly changing buyer’s journey.

Based on what he has learned from building content engines at ExactTarget, Salesforce and consulting portfolio companies at OpenView, Kyle will walk you through the eight ways to better equip your team and yourself for the future of marketing.

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