Marketing Automation: The Rules are the Problem | Webinar

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Marketing Automation: The Rules are the Problem

How to do 1:1 marketing at scale, with no effort

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Presentations by:

David Raab

David Raab
Marketing Technology and Analytics, Raab Associates

Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies
CMO & Co-founder, Idio

In 45 minutes you will learn:



Why rules-based segmentation creates more work than results


How 1-2-1 marketing works in practice, including integration


What your peers are investing in to drive results

Many who have adopted marketing automation in the enterprise have realized that it requires huge resource to set up, manage and optimize. The inconvenient truth about marketing automation is that it isn’t automated.

In this webinar, and accompanying report, the leading marketing technology analyst, David Raab, addresses the key challenges with a rules-based approach, and how machine learning can automate personalization at scale. If you want to understand the next wave of marketing technology in detail, and what results it can drive for you – in terms of engagement, revenue and time saving, watch the video now!

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