Improving Digital Experience in B2B Media | Webinar

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Relevance and Revenue: Making content marketing valuable to B2B audiences

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Presentations by:

Byron O'Dell

Byron O’Dell
Digital Strategy and Operations Director, IHS Markit

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose
Head of Content, Idio

In 35 minutes you will learn:



Convert unknown and anonymous browsers into paying subscribers


Improve subscriber retention rates and prevent end-of-year churn


Serve the most relevant content to readers across all digital channels

In 2017, the proliferation of free content online has increased the pressure on B2B publishers to produce high-value content not available elsewhere. B2B publishers have to move on from simply being an aggregator of business-specific news to taking advantage of all channels to become established as a trusted source of informed content.

Central to becoming a trusted source is understanding the unique informational needs of your audience and serving them the right pieces of content at the right time.

In this webinar, Byron O’Dell, IHS Markit’s Senior Director of Digital Strategy and Operations will discuss the operational and technological challenges affecting B2B publishers, how publishers can deliver personalized content to subscribers, and where the revenue opportunities lie in B2B publishing in 2017.

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