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Email Personalization Made Simple

Achieve 1:1 personalization at scale without marketing automation rules

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Presentations by:

Alex Richter

Alex Richter
Solutions Director, Idio

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose
Head of Content, Idio

This webinar will show you how easily Idio integrates with the following email service providers:

IBM logoMarketo logoEloqua logoPardot logoAdobe campaign logoTeradata logoExacttarget logo

In 45 minutes you will learn:



Why segmentation isn’t personalization, and why it is failing your customers


How to send millions of 1-2-1 personalized emails, without manual effort


The ROI you can expect after your very first send

In a world of declining email open rates, you need to ensure you cut-through busy inboxes and deliver value every time. Your customers expect a seamless and personalized experience, and they don’t want to be stereotyped as ‘segments’. This presents a challenge: the more personalized your emails, the more complex the automation rules required to setup and track them – until now.

In this webinar, Jonny and Alex will use client examples to explain how you can quickly implement and drive results from a “No Rules” approach to email personalization with Idio’s Content Intelligence platform.

If you want a personalized and measurable cross-channel experience, register now to view the product in action, see the ease of deployment, and ask questions about how it would work in your environment.

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