Competitive Intelligence for B2B Technology Marketers | Webinar

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Competitive Intelligence for B2B Technology Marketers

How to use competitors’ content to your own advantage

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Presentations by:

Suki Fuller

Suki Fuller

Representative Partner at the Institute of Competitive Intelligence

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose

Head of Content, Idio

In just 35 minutes, you will learn:



Competitive Intelligence tactics that you can implement immediately for a competitive advantage


How to benchmark your content and marketing strategy against your peers


Which technologies are delivering real-time competitive intelligence for B2B marketers

Enterprise technology companies are in a perpetual arms race against existing competitors, and are always looking behind their shoulders for the next hot startup to bite at their heels. Business models and marketing strategies can be threatened overnight, so staying ahead of competitors is vital.

Competitive Intelligence gives B2B technologists the ability to mitigate risk, preemptively identify competitive threats and capitalize on emerging market opportunities. The content your competitors are producing is a goldmine of insights that can be used to your own advantage.

In this webinar, Suki Fuller, Representative Partner at the Institute of Competitive Intelligence, will discuss the importance of competitive intelligence, how to integrate it into your core business processes, and how enterprise technology companies can harness content for competitive insights.

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