The art and science of Sales Enablement | Webinar

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The art and science of Sales Enablement

How to build a world-class enterprise Sales team for B2B technology

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Presentations by:

Tim Riesterer

Tim Riesterer
Chief Strategy Officer, Corporate Visions

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose
Head of Content, Idio

In 40 minutes you will learn how to:



Create consistent and compelling messaging that convinces and retains customers


Build successful lead management systems that bridge the Marketing-Sales divide


Predict the needs and interests of every prospect before you engage with them

According to CSO Insights, 42% of software sales reps feel they do not have the right information before making a sales call and nearly half (45%) of companies report that their sales reps need help figuring out which accounts to prioritize. Poor or non-existent sales enablement is costing companies millions of dollars in prolonged sales cycles, lost deals and unused content.

By contrast, technology companies that invest in sales enablement have 50% higher quota attainment than companies that do not. Sales enablement is not just an art; there are systematic, data-led methods that can be adopted and deployed to build world-class enterprise sales teams.

In this webinar, sales enablement expert Tim Riesterer of Corporate Visions will draw upon research done with Stanford School of Business to show how B2B salespeople and marketers can work together and use data to develop compelling messaging and practices to increase sales and retention.

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  • One of the better webinars I have attended recently. I appreciate how practical and actionable the information was.

    Previous webinar attendee
  • Great presentation materials and presenters.

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  • Good content. I actually had an "aha" moment during your webinar! Thanks!

    Previous webinar attendee
  • Thank you very much. Very good and interesting presentation.

  • Thank you and please invite to future webinars!

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  • This information presented was insightful and well enjoyed. Thank you for providing such great support to Sales Enablement.

    Sr Director of Sales EnablementDomo

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