7 ways AI transforms marketing and sales | Webinar

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7 ways AI Transforms Marketing and Sales

How B2B CMOs are introducing AI into their organization

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Presentations by:

Kim Davis

Kim Davis
Editor of DMNews

Jonny Rose

Jonny Rose
Head of Content, Idio

In 40 minutes you will learn:



Why AI is being used by B2B organizations for digital transformation


Practical advice on how to introduce AI into Marketing and Sales workflows


What is possible now and future capabilities you can expect in 2017

From chatbots that handle Customer Success queries to predictive lead scoring that prioritize for Sales, artificial intelligence is making a march on every area of the B2B enterprise.

Forrester predicts investment in artificial intelligence will grow 300% in 2017 and business that use AI are projected to steal $1.2 trillion per annum from their less informed peers by 2020. Artificial intelligence in the modern B2B organization is rapidly moving from a ‘nice’ to have to a need to have: it gives better insights into accounts, more detailed analysis of campaigns, identifies prospective customers and expedites marketing tasks.

In this webinar, Kim Davis, Editor of DMNews will explain the various advances made by artificial intelligence, its impact on the way B2B organizations do business, and how organizations are introducing AI to their Marketing and Sales workflow.

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