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Let’s automate your marketing automation

The B2B technology vertical is very aggressive in adopting new approaches and technologies, and there is intense competition for attention and budget. Management are demanding increased sales velocity, engagement, marketing efficiency, and handover to sales. The best companies have a fully collaborative and optimized funnel; complete lead-to-revenue management.

Having almost certainly implemented marketing automation, the challenge is now on how to optimize and drive value from this workflow. Secondary challenges are brought to light by the spotlight of funnel metrics: Do you have the right content? How do you turn visitors into prospects? How do you scale a personalized nurture program? Is your handover to sales seamless enough? What are the characteristics of a fast-moving, high value lead?


More Leads

It’s likely that less than 10% of your web visitors are known prospects. Idio automatically personalizes the web experience for anonymous visitors, presenting the best gated content or offer so more visitors convert into prospects.


Faster Leads

It takes huge resource to optimize and scale 100s of drip campaigns to increase marketing lead velocity. Idio allows you to instantly personalize content in your marketing automation programs, to increase lead intent and decrease irrelevant communications.


Better Leads

Poor lead quality causes huge wastage and a poor working relationship between marketing and sales. Idio provides lead intelligence, allowingbetter classification of MQLs, dynamic segmentation, and putting that insight in the hands of your sales reps.

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