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Shift from content creator to trusted filter

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Supercharge your digital proposition

It’s a digital-first world, with an abundance of content available to your customers. This content overload can easily lead to low engagement and high churn. Whether you run a subscription business or another model, the challenge is to shift from being a content creator, to being a trusted and valued advisor.

If you can’t bridge across organizational divisions and silos, build a unified understanding of each customer, and deliver value to that individual time and time again. you risk disruption from one of many competitors.

As an industry that once could pride itself of depth of customer data, the challenge is now to reinvent insight and execution to meet rising customer expectations. The shift is from static to dynamic data, from planned to predictive campaigns. Let’s go.


Digital Product Experience

Usability and multi-channel personalization is paramount to delivering a great digital experience. Idio empowers and delights your customers by delivering personalized recommendations via web and email on a genuine 1-to-1 basis. Idio omits irrelevant and previously read content to drive up engagement and content utilization automatically.


Subscription Intelligence

By tracking each customer’s digital body language, Idio creates a predictive interest profile for every individual. As well as being used for aggregate analytics and personalization decisions, it can be queried and exported for your own use, and viewed by your sales reps in your CRM to power predictive retention, up-sell & cross-sell conversations.


Content Performance Analytics

By analyzing every piece of content, and the journey of every individual through that content, Idio produces detailed content performance analytics. If you want to know how your content compares to competitors, which topics are driving acquisition, and which topics are leading to points of conversion, just plug and play Idio Analytics.

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