Content Marketing & Demand Generation

  • dynamic segmentation marketing automation

    Dynamic segmentation for marketing automation

    Why isn’t segmentation working for most marketing automation users? Inaccurate segmentation, that isn’t really ‘dynamic’, powered by inefficient rules that…

  • B2B publishers: Retain high-value subscribers with personalized newsletters

    ______ B2B subscription publishing products are often bought for an entire team but the reality is that usually just 2…

  • Make manual email content personalization a thing of the past

    Buyers expect a ‘big content’ experience; 1-2-1 email communications that understand their unique context and whims perfectly. This requires not…

  • Personalization: How Content Intelligence does it differently

    If you can identify a buyer’s interests you can automatically tailor the right piece of content in an accurate manner…

  • Why your content workflow tool needs a dose of Content Intelligence

    Content workflow tools improve processes, not outputs. A workflow tool won’t prevent crappy, irrelevant content – you need Content Intelligence.

  • marketing automation b2b

    Marketing automation is awesome…except when it’s not

    The promise of marketing automation is that you can ‘set it and forget’. This misconception couldn’t be further from the…

  • Doug Kessler B2B content marketing

    Doug Kessler talks B2B content marketing

    idio meets with Doug Kessler, cofounder of B2B content marketing agency Velocity Partners, to talk about empathy, understanding your audience…

  • unused B2B content marketing

    Unused content: how to fix content marketing’s $50B elephant in the room

    Over 60 percent of content produced by B2B companies goes unused according to SiriusDecisions – a problem which will cost…

  • convert anonymous web vistors to leads

    How to convert anonymous website visitors into leads

    The majority of people on your website at any given time are going to be anonymous. Here idio explain how…

  • Kathy Mammon demand generation

    Meet Kathy Mammon, director of demand generation at Magnetic

    idio meets with Magnetic’s director of demand generation to find out why marketers must have skin in the revenue game.

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