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  • News: Moving from dumb marketing systems to content intelligence [Analyst Report]

    Today, I’m proud to announce that Idio has been featured in a new Forrester Breakout Vendor report. It’s a testament…

  • I’m an MQL – GET ME OUT OF HERE!

    Many seemingly legitimate MQLs end up ‘trapped’ in the marketing funnel. The result is an increasingly frustrated marketing organisation, a…

  • b2b salesperson is dead 3

    The B2B salesperson needs content to stay alive

    You don’t have to look around for long online before you encounter suggestions that the B2B sales role is “dying”…

  • Why your content workflow tool needs a dose of Content Intelligence

    Content workflow tools improve processes, not outputs. A workflow tool won’t prevent crappy, irrelevant content – you need Content Intelligence.

  • Here’s what your web analytics doesn’t tell you…

    The effectiveness of your web presence is largely dependent on the overall online experience of your visitors. Content Intelligence beats…

  • marketing automation b2b

    Marketing automation is awesome…except when it’s not

    The promise of marketing automation is that you can ‘set it and forget’. This misconception couldn’t be further from the…

  • idio predictive content marketing analytics

    Three content problems solved by predictive analytics

    What is predictive analytics? Predictive analytics is the practice of extracting information from existing data. This has a huge impact…

  • lead grade idio b2b

    A guide to lead grading for B2B marketers

    Lead grading and lead scoring are the two most important practices when it comes to best-in-class lead management for busy…

  • demand generation measurement

    Demand generation – measure the metrics that matter

    Demand generation KPIs should be built around demonstrating and improving revenue on marketing activity. Make sure you measure the metrics…

  • Got a lead with a score of a billion – now what?

    One of the biggest trends in content marketing is content scoring. The problem with grading and scoring is it’s based…

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