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Every brand or company prizes one thing in a customer: trust. With trust comes brand loyalty and consistent word-of-mouth marketing, but how do you build up that trust? Customer service is one way, but that’s only the beginning. Through content marketing, a brand instantly opens up more channels and new ways of sharing stories with their customers. This more personal and ‘off-the-record’ style of communication allows the customer to see the face beyond the product. Content like this can be distributed on a blog post, an email newsletter, Youtube, or social networks. This quality content isn’t aimed at making the sale, but rather to entertain, inform and assist your customer.


  • Consistent, quality content. Making sure that you publish regularly and at a reasonable standard means that your audience know what to expect and build trust in you. A good example is Innocent Drinks who have a ‘Bored‘ page on their website which offers anyone wanting to kill some time a look through their library, their Youtube page, where their charities lie, gallery and their blog.
  • Be everywhere. Your customers are on a huge array of disparate social networks, mobile devices, and web sites. Having an integrated multi-channel approach is vital to start and develop conversations. This also increases your spreadability.
  • Keeping a discussion going. Whether it is through blogs or email campaigns, people like their opinions heard–and you can start the conversation! Acknowledge multiple viewpoints as part of your content strategy.
  • Going beyond selling. While press releases, updates about products, and daily deals are any company’s bread and butter, a brand should also seem more “human.” Talking with customers like a normal person, without trying to sell something all the time, will build trust quickly more than anything else.


Let’s take GE, for example. While most consider General Electric to be just one of a handful of big companies, they inherently trust the company, their brand and products. Not resting on these laurels, however, GE set up Ecomangination, which is an initiative to make good ideas happen from normal, everyday people. Now, GE is linked to “good ideas,” supplying a platform where people can share, interact and discuss how to make a difference in the world.

Another example is smaller businesses and companies using social media power like Facebook and Twitter to fuel content, giving the customer a sneak peek into their day-to-day work, for example. Snapping a photo and uploading it to an album on Facebook with a snazzy caption wins people’s trust as they are involved with a company that is now more transparent and inclusive. Or a very common method is through viral videos and posts.

John St., a digital marketing agency based in Toronto, used content marketing to release a viral video that not only created buzz but also built trust. The video, “Catvertising,” saw tons of press coverage and gave insight to who they are. Instead sending an email, cold calling, or other traditional means to build clientele, John St. created a story and a discussion with quality content. There are endless ways in which a brand can use content to gain the trust of their customers, and since content is consistent, trust can keep building and remain consistent too.

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