About Idio

Powering the Perfect Conversation

Why we exist

Powering the Perfect Conversation

Most company communication sucks.

Everyone talks about ‘customer relationships’, but its usually a series of broadcast messages, fired into the ether, with a hope it will stimulate a customer response. That’s a waste of company resource – and customer attention.

We have a different way of solving this problem. It’s also a better way.
We exist to prove that – one happy client at a time.


Content Intelligence

It’s a powerful new way to understand and influence the customer journey, and automate the delivery of smarter, more relevant and more profitable engagements across every channel.

Management team

Company Overview

Idio exists to power the perfect customer conversation, driving better insight, engagement and revenue for leading global enterprises, including JP Morgan, Intel, and IG Group. Idio’s Content Intelligence platform identifies patterns in each client’s content consumption to understand their interests, and inserts real-time dynamic content into communications across digital and sales advisor channels to personalize the experience.

Idio has offices in London and New York, and has raised at total of $12M in venture capital finance lead by Notion Capital, the leading SaaS focused investors in Europe.

For information on our CORE Values and open positions in both offices, please see our Careers page.

The Founders


Edward is a 3rd generation predictive analytics innovator – probably the only person in the world who can make that claim (or at least who wants to). His grandfather built radar for submarines, helping distinguish signal from noise, literally. His father was the founder & CEO of KiQ; the pioneer of Next-Best-Action with several patents for predictive analytics in customer experience. KiQ was sold to Chordiant, before being bought by Pegasystems to form their Real Time Decisioning technology. That legacy, coupled with Edward’s vision for how predictive techniques can deliver huge customer and corporate value in a digital-first world, led to the birth of Idio.

Andrew met Edward in his 3rd year of University. Previously he had worked for Deloitte in their Tech, Media & Telecoms division, and dipped his toe in the startup world as an alternative to returning to corporate life. The most interesting of these startups was thrudigital, a development agency serving clients like Sky, ITV and No. 10 Downing Street. The culmination of this work was an early social analytics platform, which provided real-time global insight to O2 on how the launch of the first iPhone was being received. A few years after Idio was founded, Idio acquired this agency to bring onboard a great technical team who remain with Idio to this day, including our CTO, James Griffin.

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