Use Cases

Customer Success

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The flexibility of our technology creates 4 core use cases for company’s looking to:


Prove the ROI of
Content Marketing

Between 60-70% of your content is wasted unless you know the topics converting prospects & your editors know what to write about next.

Stop Wasting Content


Track Competitor’s Content Efforts

You know that your competitors also produce content to influence your prospects, so if you don’t have time to keep up & compare, we can help.

Don't Miss An Opportunity


Accelerate Demand Generation

Invested in great content & sophisticated marketing automation? You’ll want to know the best content to move prospects to purchase.

Move Prospects Further


Increase Sales Conversions

Sales team = revenue engines. They need to find the best sales asset you have, quickly, for every sales prospect. We’ve got a fast solution.

Stop Wasting Effort

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