Dynamic segmentation for Marketing Automation | webinar

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Dynamic segmentation for Marketing Automation

Identify, Win and Retain your Best Customers, with no extra effort

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Presentations by:

Munya Hoto

Munya Hoto
SVP Marketing, Idio

Andrew Loomis

Andrew Loomis
Director of Customer Success, Idio

Is my demand generation program making effective use of our resources?

Am I putting my prospects into the right segments?

In 30 minutes you will learn:



Move away from static classifications and towards dynamic behavior-based attributes


Uncover new prospects within your database and keep your existing customers engaged


Save time, money, and resources to deliver better results

Year over year, more marketing budget has been poured into content and technology. Companies all over the world are segmenting their customer base, but few are doing it well. Whether it’s due to the lack of data or insufficient bandwidth, segments within your Marketing Automation tools are not kept up to date and often miscategorize prospects.

Marketers need to move away from crude, static data and move towards behavior and intent-based attributes that update dynamically. Moving to an automated, behavior-driven approach will save time, help you uncover new prospects within your database, and keep your current customers engaged.

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