Our Story

Welcome to The Age of Relevance

Where engagements must be meaningful,

Attention is won by relevance &

Insight is the new currency.


Content is part of a Journey

It injects relevance into every stage of the buying cycle.

It moves prospects through the funnel, facilitates conversation & aids retention.


We believe

You Are What You Read

Customers constantly tell you what they are interested in, by the content they read. With a way to listen to the signals & convert it to insight, you’re onto a winner.


Content Intelligence

Armed with rich intelligence on customer interests, intentions and propensity to buy, we slice through the noise to deliver relevant, personalized engagements to the right customer, at the right time.

We make relevant content possible, from the intelligent use of content.

We believe in simplicity.


Scale Effortlessly


Cover All Channels


Update In Real-Time


Seamlessly Integrate