The Content Intelligence Platform

We’ve created a powerful new way to understand your customers’ content choices and automate
the delivery of smarter, more relevant and more profitable engagements across every channel.
The Content Intelligence platform comprises of two stages: idio Insight and idio Engage.


Unlock the potential of your existing content

Understand your customer’s real-time interests

Gain new insights to develop a more
relevant marketing strategy

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Automatically serve the most relevant content
to your audience

Significantly increase audience engagement

Deliver a personalized multi-channel experience

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Key Features


With idio, you market to individuals not segments or personas. The rich interest profiles we provide reveal each unique person’s interests, so that when we recommend content, it’s relevant and personal to every individual’s interests and journey. We can also build interest profiles for your segments and audiences, so the detailed granular insight can be consolidated into a complete audience view.


idio automatically classifies your content according to 23 million topics using Natural Language Processing, and then automatically personalizes the content selection for every individual. This is done in real-time which allows you to listen, predict and respond to emerging interests immediately.

Cross Channel

idio builds interest profiles based on cross-channel behavior, so you are able to understand each individual holistically, and what they are engaging with at any given moment. All decisions are made in a coordinated way; what the individual says on Twitter immediately effects what is sent on email, and the engagements thereafter affect web personalization.