• NEWSCRED: "Never underestimate the personal passions that people in the business have around content marketing - it can be a very complex and political subject"
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    Michael BrennerHead of Strategy, NewsCred
  • EXCLUSIVE: “The metric that most interests me is which topics and messages are moving people down the funnel quickest.”
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    Luella Ben AzizaDirector of Content and Research, Emarsys
  • EXCLUSIVE: "The pressure on the publisher is to know more than their readers before their readers want to know about it and be able to serve it to them."
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    Patrick AngellExecutive Director, Information Industry Network (Europe)
  • SALESFORCE EXCLUSIVE: "Too many times content marketers say: ‘Look at all our brand engagement’…Who cares?! You are only relevant if you can put a dollar worth to your activities."
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    Kyle LacyDirector, Global Content & Research, Salesforce
  • HUBSPOT: "Content marketers that do measure ROI are 12x more likely to achieve positive ROI growth year over year. So measure something, seriously, get started now."
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    Joe ChernovVP Content Marketing, Hubspot
  • EXPERT INTERVIEW: "We need to start having sophisticated discussions about the interrelationship between content and revenue."
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    Adam TinworthLecturer in Online Journalism, City University (London)

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