The Content
Intelligence Platform

Prospects constantly tell you their interests & intent, by the content they read. Understand & influence their journey, driving engagement & revenue.

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Read Your Customer’s Mind

Analyze every piece of published content, to instantly and automatically map your digital experience

Track known & anonymous customers through their decision journey across web, email, social & mobile channels

Build real-time interest profiles for every individual that predict purchase intent based on unstructured, behavioral data

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Improve Content ROI

50-70% of marketing content created sits
unused. Find out how to identify waste
and increase your content performance!


Improve Engagement

72% of prospects disengage after the
1st click. Want to keep each visitor 
engaged across all your channels?


Improve Advisor Calls

Equip advisors and salespeople
with prospect interest and content
recommendations to increase revenue!


idio Insight:

Take The Guesswork Out
Your Content Marketing

Gain real-time visibility on your customer's and prospect's
changing interests, showing you; what to write about
next, the gaps in your content coverage, and the channels,
campaigns and content topics driving conversion.

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idio Engage:

Automatically personalize content for every prospect
on every channel, based on their emerging interests.
Increase your engagement and conversion rates, and give
your audience a more consistent cross-channel experience.

Deliver Relevant, Personal
Content Experiences

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idio Advise:

Automatically know the interests of each individual prospect,
based on their content choices and predicted future activity.
Accompanied by content recommendations, you will know
exactly what to say before you even pick up the phone.

Improve The Effectiveness
Of Your Sales Team

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Have another system in place? No problem. Our technology easily integrates on top, adding the intelligence layer you don’t have.



Idio only requires a few lines of code to get started, and instantly generates predictive intelligence about your customers.


By integrating with major marketing & CRM vendors, idio quickly adds strategic value to
your existing technology investments.


Built with cutting-edge cloud technology,
the platform processes millions of interactions
per day for global financial enterprises.