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Prospects constantly tell you their interests & intent, by the content they read. With idio you can understand & influence their journey, driving engagement & revenue.


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Improve Content ROI

50-70% of marketing content created sits
unused. Find out how to identify waste
& increase your content performance!


Improve Engagement

72% of prospects disengage after the
1st click. Want to keep each visitor 
engaged across all your channels?


Improve Close Rates

89% of first sales calls fail. Equip
salespeople with prospect interests &.
content recommendations to close faster!


idio Insight:

Take The Guesswork Out
Of Your Content Marketing

idio Insight gives you real-time visibility on your customers’ &
prospects’ changing interests, showing you what to write about
next, where there are gaps in your content coverage & what
channels, campaigns & content topics are driving conversion.

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idio Engage:

idio Engage automatically personalizes content for
every prospect based on their emerging interests. You
get increased engagement & conversion rates, while your
audience get a more consistent cross-channel experience.

Deliver Relevant, Personal
Content Experiences

Help Me Engage!


idio for Sales:

idio for Salesforce automatically tells you the interests of each
individual prospect, based on their content choices & predicted
future activity. It's accompanied by content recommendations,
so you know what to say before you even pick up the phone.

Improve The Effectiveness
Of Your Sales Team

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